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Why Sell Labels?

Why Should Resellers Sell Custom Prime Labels?

Labels are part of packaging and are a continually growing segment of the printing industry where resellers can add tremendous value. The packaging industry is generally less susceptible to market volatility compared to many traditional printed product segments such as business documents and general commercial printing.

Labels are everywhere!
Drive through any industrial park and you will find companies that use label products. Go to your local supermarket, convenience store, drug or nutritional store and you will see custom prime labels on every shelf. Custom labels are manufactured to meet individual customer requirements and are not viewed as a commodity item. Therefore, resellers who invest time to learn and sell labels are rewarded with higher profit margins. Since this is custom (not a commodity) item, end users are less likely to switch vendors to save a couple of dollars.

Selling Prime Labels is a Longer Sales Cycle

It’s true, selling prime labels generally will have a longer sales cycle because the reseller must meet the requirements of:

  • Marketing – whose goal is to make sure the graphics and design elements of the label helps the product stand out from the competition.
  • Manufacturing – whose main concern is with ease of application and meeting delivery schedules. Manufacturing also wants to confirm that the product will perform in any and all environments that the label might encounter.

Longer Sales Cycles help resellers lock out the competition
The longer sales cycle makes it more difficult for your competitor to get a foothold in your account. You took the time to research and develop a label product that fulfills all your customers’ requirements. This builds your value and minimizes any reason for you customer to look for other suppliers.

Why Many Resellers Don't Sell Prime Labels

In polling many resellers we find that most sell general stock stickers but don’t sell custom prime labels. Why does this happen when this product provides excellent profit margins and orders repeat often? One reason is because many may not understand all the questions to ask when selling this product. Many also are not familiar with all the face-stocks, coatings and adhesives available. New Dimension Labels provides resellers access to our label experts and we provide all the questions to ask your customer when quoting even the most intricate label project. We then provide you with recommendations on the most efficient manufacturing process and the best substrates and adhesives to make sure the product you provide will exceed customer expectations. We make is easy to sell prime labels by relieving any stress and anxiety you may have about selling prime label products.

Resellers Provide Value Add

Selling prime labels provides the reseller sales representative with a greater opportunity to add more value to their relationship with the client. The label sales rep must dive deeper into the customer’s requirements to insure that the product performs as needed. Quoting a new prime label opportunity requires that the sales rep ask multiple questions to find out:

  • How the label is applied to the product?
  • What is the direction that the label needs to be on the roll?
  • How is the product handled by the consumer?
  • How is the product shipped/distributed to market?
  • What temperature is the label subjected to?
  • What are the marketing expectations for color and graphics?
  • How are competitor products marketed?
  • What quantity needed to help the client reduce the cost of obsolescence/waste?
  • Is the product numbered or barcoded?
  • Do the graphics change regionally or seasonally?

Don’t be afraid of Selling Prime Labels
Don’t let all the questions above scare you. Your responsibility as a reseller is to find out from your customer how the product/ID label is being used; our responsibility as your manufacturing partner is to present you with the best product options for the application.

Can Resellers Compete With Direct Selling Label Manufacturers?

Don’t concede label opportunities to direct selling manufacturers. Resellers can absolutely compete with direct selling label manufacturers on quality, delivery and price. Nothing happens until you (our reseller) obtains the order. We are here to support you from beginning to end and will do whatever it takes to help you obtain and service the business.

What are the Best Markets for Custom Prime Labels?

What are the Most common custom prime label products?

Where can a reseller find custom prime label opportunities?

Existing Customers
Your current customers are a great place to start when selling prime labels. In selling prime labels many times it is best to focus selling to marketing and manufacturing departments.

Manufacturers in your area
Drive down the street of your local business park, go through the phone book or purchase a list of manufacturers in your area. Going to a prospects website will also tell you a lot about what products a customer manufactures and potential label needs.

Why Potential Label Customers Need a Reseller's Help and Expertise

Current Product is Underperforming
This is great news for you! This means that the current supplier did not take the time to ask all the right questions to ensure the label was manufactured correctly. This is your chance to shine by asking the proper questions and working with New Dimension Labels customer service to provide the best solution.

Customer/Prospect is Introducing a New Product
Each new product has its own individual requirements. Provide the best solution, consistent quality and fair pricing and you will have a customer for life.

New Start Up Company
Startup companies are interviewing vendors to select the best label provider for the application. Take the time to get to know what the customer wants their labels to achieve and operational requirements. All label companies can print the product; our job is to make sure the product meets all expectations.

Small to Midsize Companies
Many companies in today’s challenging business environment are low on resources. You can help make their job easier by helping create a custom label solution that meets all requirements.

Who are the Common Business Contacts that Purchase Custom Prime Labels?

  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Legal/Regulatory Managers
  • Research & Development Managers
  • Product Engineers
  • Production/Packaging Managers
  • Shipping/Warehouse Managers
  • Purchasing